Rotary Club of Wolfeboro

Paul Harris Visits Wolfeboro

About Our Club

On July 25, 1944, Paul P. Harris, Founder of Rotary International, visits the Rotary Club of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.  Among those attending were:  A Cooper Ballentine (President 1930-1932);, Ralph G. Carpenter, II (President 1937-1938); Harold H. Hart (President 1941-1942); Allan E. Bailey; Rev. Augustus Fowler; Fred U. Landman (Founding President 1927-1929); Howard Avery (President 1944-1945); Harry E. Libby (President 1938-1939); Fred A. Stackpole; Clayton M. Wallace (President 1933-1934); Robert Merrill; Dr. George H. Sweetnam; Dr. William Joseph Paul Dye; Leon Robinson; Murray Fuller (President 1942-1943); Richard W. Detscher; George Robins; Percy Woodward; Charles Rowse; Dr. Charles Noble; Jasper Palmer; Theodore Malone; Cecil Corkum (President 1940-1941); Wayne Parkhurst; Jesse Gould (President 1946-1947); John Frank Goodwin; Joseph Clifton Avery (President 1932-1933); Raymond E. Jewell (President 1939-1940); Ernest Whitney; and Edwin L. Clark (President 1943-1944).